Cauliflower and carrot soup

New Year's resolutions often revolve around changing eating habits - we want to eat better in order to maintain or improve health, have a better mood or lose unwanted weight. My blog and my Plant based / focused recipes will give you inspirations of how to achieve your eating/health goals through cooking and eating nutritious meals.

The bowl of cauliflower soup is an excellent source of fiber, nutrient that prevents constipation and provides satiety. The soup contains carrot, which is rich in beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A; vitamin A will support and strengthen the immune system.

Cauliflower contains phytonutrients from the indole family. This group of phytochemicals possesses chemopreventive properties ( some studies shown that indole may prevent or reverse the development of cancer cells in the body).

Parsley is an excellent source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system. Additionally plant is known for it's diuretic properties. Parsley can naturally help to reduce water retention by stimulating the kidneys to produce urine. Parsley has also anti-inflammatory properties, which may reduce joint pain and reduces the risk of diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis. Besides, regularly consumed may relieve menstrual pain; Pesto Recipe with Parsley Leaves)

Soup recipe

XNUMX/XNUMX of medium cauliflower

2-3 carrots (cut into cubes)

½ leek (cut into slices)

500-700 ml of vegetable or chicken stock

1 medium onion (diced)

3 garlic cloves (cut into cubes)

Coconut milk

Salt and pepper

Bay leaf

Fresh parsley

  1. In a soup pot heat olive oil over medium heat; Add the onion; Cook, occasionally stirring, until golden brown.
  2. Add cut cauliflower, carrots, and leeks; bay leaf - cook until the vegetables are soft;
  3. Add coconut milk, salt and pepper - cook for few minutes. Then add chopped parsley.

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